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Vapor Phase Storage Tanks

Vapor Phase Storage Tanks


Vapour Phase Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Storage in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen provides a safe, economical and secure alternative to traditional liquid phase storage systems. Vapour phase storage provides a controlled -196°C cryogenic storage environment while removing the risk of sample cross contamination and the occupational health and safety concerns associated with liquid phase storage systems.


NEW: Taylor-Wharton CS Controllers and CiSmartcom Hub

Taylor-Wharton have recently launched the new CS contoller range for the LABS and K series cryogenic tanks. Building on the success of the KRYOS controller, the new CS controllers provide increased monitoring and control. Features include:

Taylor-Wharton CS Controller Flyer


LABS Series

Taylor-Wharton’s high efficiency LABS series tanks provide stable near liquid nitrogen temperatures for storage of between 19,500 and 94,500 2.0ml cryogenic vials while minimising nitrogen costs. Designed with the user in mind, the LABS series tanks have ergonomical features such as automatic defog, hinged lid and a pivot based turntable to enable sample racks to be brought to the front of the tank.

Taylor-Wharton LABS Series Flyer


K Series

The traditional Taylor-Wharton K Series tanks provide the ability to run your storage in either liquid or vapour phase. For storage of between 10,400 and 38,350 cryogenic vials, the K Series range from Taylor Wharton is ideal for smaller groups that are establishing a cryogenic biobank.

Taylor-Wharton K Series Flyer


Increased Sample Security

Taylor-Wharton vapour phase storage systems utilise the fully automatic Kryos controller which monitors, records and controls the internal temperatures and liquid nitrogen levels within the cryogenic tanks. Battery backup ensures a fully operational system for up to 72 hours in the event of power failure, while a full complement of alarms and user access logs protect the integrity of the cryogenic environment and the security of your samples. External facility monitoring and sequential full solutions enable the Taylor Wharton vapour phase storage systems to provide the highest levels of sample security while also minimising the overall LN2 consumption of your biobanking facilities.


Maximise Capacity

Utilising custom racking solutions to suit the Micronic high density tubes systems enables an increase capacity of your vapour phase cryogenic tanks up to 184%.


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